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Internet Project - Web Site Development is a project of Your Practice Online. This website resulted from a convergence of expertise in medicine, instructional design, medical illustration, animation, and art design. has been developed under a formal project where Your Practice Online has partnered with Sydney Orthopaedic Specialists. This website is funded by Cognos Infotech.

As it is a work in progress, some changes may occur from time to time as new sections are
added. There are also places where we intend to link to supporting data in future that has not
presently been included. We hope these "growing pains" will not inconvenience you as you tour
our site and we hope you will come back to visit in future to see how we are growing.

All the orthopaedic content in the website and the animated presentations are reviewed by
Sydney Orthopaedic Specialists.


"Education is a powerful medicine;
Knowledge is the key to a healthier life"

Understanding that images are the best way to explain disease processes, this web site was
developed to show that web-based animation can be used to explain the surgeries and conditions
of the hips and knees.

Your Practice Online have developed this Internet website to offer educational services to the
public and members, facilitate e-business, and provide value-added services to members and
other orthopaedic-related health care providers.

Your Practice Online is committed to exploring new uses of technology to improve the lives of physicians and their patients.

This web site has been planned with simplicity yet effectiveness in mind. In order to meet the
needs of a diverse range of audiences using older technology to the latest of equipment, text
browsers to Braille readers, various monitors and modem types and a variety of other issues,
the following design principles have been used in developing the site.

About Your Practice Online

Your Practice Online was formed in April 2001, by the brainchild of 2 school time friends with a
medical and an IT background respectively.

Originally from Bangalore in India, often dubbed the new Silicon Valley, they recognized a need to provide improved technological solutions for the challenges encountered by modern medicine.

Having practiced in both Australasia and in the Indian subcontinent, Dr. Prem has extensive
experience in both Clinical practice and technological development. While observing medical
practice in Sydney, he soon recognized the need to provide a method and forum for the
collaboration and sharing of information between clinicians in their respective fields and to
help overcome the technological obstacles faced by Medicos in Australia.

Visit to find out more about Your Practice Online.

Sydney Orthopaedic Specialists

Sydney Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS) are a group of Orthopaedic Surgeons that provide subspecialist orthopaedic care for orthopaedic conditions in Adults and Children.

Visit to find out more.

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The animated operations, conditions and anatomies featured in can enhance
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Sydney NSW 2001

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